Private Pool Hall and Family Annexe in Nottinghamshire


Swimming Pool

Design & Build



We specialise in luxury pool design and construction, creating luxurious¬†spaces for both commercial and residential properties. With this project completed¬†in Nottinghamshire in 2017, our client¬†wanted a space to enjoy with the family so reached out to¬†Njord¬†for the full design and¬†build of a private pool hall and family annexe.¬†We¬†love¬†bringing the client‚Äôs¬†vision and¬†design concepts¬†to life to ensure a space¬†to be enjoyed for many years to come. The client‚Äôs main desire was to have a fully functional¬†swimming¬†pool¬†so we made this the focal point when beginning the pool design and build.¬†As well as being a practical space to enjoy, they were also keen for¬†something with a modern¬†edge, creating a luxury swimming pool design. This project is now¬†complete,¬†and¬†we are extremely proud of the finished result.‚ÄĮThe client was a pleasure to work alongside throughout, and we wish them the very best of happiness and enjoyment from their investment. As expert pool designers, we can create a¬†design tailored to your requirements. Whether¬†you require a large swimming pool for a commercial property or are looking for¬†a luxury pool and spa, we work with a whole host of varied clients across Lincolnshire and the UK.¬†



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