New Build and Residential Architect in Lincolnshire

Njord provide residential architectural design and build services across Lincolnshire. Our residential architects are experienced in custom residential architecture and new build architecture. Njord architectural services include self-build and custom-build homes, larger development sites and residential conversions.

We provide these architectural design services to locations in and around Lincolnshire.

Designing and Constructing Your Dream Home

At Njord, our clients are at the very heart of our services. Our expert design and build architects provide a variety of residential architectural services that include bespoke designs for self-build and custom build homes. From a simple project to luxury design and build, our services cover all customer requirements.

Not only do we take care of the architectural design and construction, but our residential architect consultants handle all applications to the local authority, taking the stressful jobs out of your hands.


Large Scale Developments and Family Homes

We work on a variety of design and build projects, taking great pride in working directly with our clients to incorporate their own ideas into all aspects of the architectural design process. We then compliment that with our professional and industry architectural experience. Whether you are a landowner seeking to develop your own site, or have a family home in mind for yourself, our new build architects will help you every step of the way.

Lincoln based Architects providing Design and Build Services

At the start of the residential architecture process and need some advice? Before going into the expense of producing costly detailed plans, we recommend a consultation with our architectural build team to discuss your ideas. We highly recommend getting in touch with Njord as early as possible to help you with the best way forward.

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